Bummis Tankini
Product ID : BT
Bummis Super Lite
Product ID : B-SL
A frugalista favourite! Bright, fun and very simple. The Super Lite is an...
Bummis Newborn Pack
Product ID : BNPACK
Tiny diapers for tiny babies! Wrap your newborn bundle in soft and comfy...
Bummis Kuddle Ring
Hot Deal
Product ID : KR
For easier and more comfortable breastfeeding!Lactation consultants agree –...
Bummis Super Snap Diaper Cover
Hot Deal
Product ID : SS
All the quality and design of a Super Whisper Wrap - but with snap closures!
Bummis Reusable Fleece Liners
Product ID : MIR
Wick moisture away for that 'stay dry' feel - Super soft and breathable,...
Bummis Training Pant
Hot Deal
Product ID : TP
Easy for little ones to put on and take off with ease by themselves! All the...
Bummis Certified Organic Cotton Diapering Kit
Product ID : OKIT
This is the most economical way to diaper your baby. Besides the gorgeous...
Bummis Organic Prefolds
Product ID : OPF
Per 1/2 dozen: 16.50$ Infant size, Only 9$ for Preemie size! 25$ for Baby...
Bummis Dry Pail Liners/Tote Bags
Product ID : BBAG
Starting at $8.50, Available in multiple sizes to suit your needs. Great...
Bummis Bio-Soft Liners
Product ID : BL
Small $6, Large $8 These flushable biodegradable liners by Bummis are a must...
Product ID : SWIM
From the Riviera to the neighbourhood kiddie pool, your baby will have...