FuzziBunz Care and Warranty Information

In order to ensure long-lasting quality and utility from your FuzziBunz™ diapers, it’s important that you wash and care for them as instructed by the manufacturer. Please keep your receipt – it will guarantee that you get swift and uncontested service provided that you need to return your diapers. FuzziBunz™ diapers are an investment – please keep all of your paperwork.

Caring for your FuzziBunz™:

FuzziBunz™ diapers are single use diapers. Wash both the FuzziBunz™ and insert after each use.

Most babies will experience little to no diaper rash after using FuzziBunz™. Do not use any rash or diaper ointments or creams with the diapers.

When wet, separate insert and FuzziBunz™ and store in a dry diaper pail.

If soiled, simply knock solids into toilet. Small solids stuck to the fleece will dissolve in the wash. Use a mini-shower toilet attachment to rinse off soiled diapers over the toilet (optional).

Washing/Drying your FuzziBunz™:

First, run a cold rinse or soak cycle with no detergent.

Second, run a hot cycle with detergent. Do not use bleach.

Third, if your hot wash is not automatically followed by a cold rinse, run a cold rinse cycle. This step only necessary with a particularly dirty load.

Tumble dry the diapers in dryer on low or hang to dry. Do not use fabric softener or pure soap*. Never dry on high heat.

Important Warranty Information:

  • Snap Defects – 18 months
  • Elastic Defects – 60 days
  • Sewing/Workmanship Defects – 60 days

Diaper will not be replaced with new product or refunded due to repelling (or any kind of residue build-up), shot elastic, staining, leaking or size discrepancies.

If you experience any defects covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, please fill out the FuzziBunz™ Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) form located at: All warranty requests must have a proof of purchase receipt. NO EXCEPTIONS.

After submitting the RMA form, you will receive an automated email confirming receipt and instructing you to send your diapers for repair, along with your assigned code and your proof of purchase receipt. Any product returned for repair must be free from offensive odor or foreign particles (hair, lint, feces).  Mother of Eden will NOT handle/repair products that are not in clean and acceptable condition.

If you have a question or issue that does not fall within this warranty information or you have misplaced your proof of purchase, please email or call 1-866-DRY-BABY. Email requests are preferable. The customer care staff will evaluate your request and will contact you with a response.